Tammy Slaton isn’t afraid to fight with her siblings in 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy’s quick to anger when she needs to defend her weight loss failure.

Tammy Slaton is commonly considered the villain of 1000-lb Sisters due to the temper tantrums she has unleashed on her family members throughout her career as a reality TV star. Unfortunately, Tammy’s weight loss journey hasn’t yielded the results she had hoped for, and when confronted about her fruitless fitness quest, the entertainer regularly relies on unbridled anger to deflect. From destructive doctor’s visits to volatile conversations about her romantic decisions, these are all of the times Tammy’s aggression has been out of control in 1000-lb Sisters.

Fans’ biggest gripe with Tammy is that she’s immature and fails to take responsibility for her actions. Instead of listening to the constructive conversations Tammy’s siblings, Amy and Chris, attempt to have with her in their reality series, Tammy opts to lash out. Amy and Chris have learned the hard way that trying to get Tammy to see her mistakes will always lead to a nasty battle.

Regrettably, Tammy’s continued struggle to make headway in her weight loss goals has only made the television personality quicker to anger. On top of Amy and Chris growing more concerned for their sister the longer she fails to qualify for bariatric surgery, Tammy’s become more defensive of her insecurities. Throughout 1000-lb Sisters seasons 1, 2, and 3, Tammy has demonstrated that aggression is her preferred response to challenging conversations.

Tammy Shuts Amy Down
The most memorable fight featured in 1000-lb Sisters took place during season 1. Both Amy and Tammy were feeling frustrated with their weight loss ventures and their relationship was strained as a result. Long before the Slaton sisters starred in their own series, the pair had forged their dependent dynamic. Specifically, Amy takes care of Tammy, who needs other people to do everyday tasks for her like making meals and walking to the kitchen to grab a can of soda. By the end of season 1, Amy had grown tired of being Tammy’s caretaker, and the two Slaton women faced off in an emotional argument. The altercation was incited by Tammy asking Amy to get her peanut butter after Amy just sat on the couch. In the 1000-lb Sisters scene, Amy expressed her irritation with being treated as Tammy’s “slave.”

Unsurprisingly, Tammy didn’t attempt to understand Amy’s grievance. Instead of allowing her sister to express her dissatisfaction, Tammy warned Amy to “lose the attitude.” When Amy pointed out the lack of effort Tammy has put into her weight loss goals, the older Slaton sister grew volatile. On top of cursing at Amy, Tammy shook with anger and accused her sister of not understanding her. Tammy shut Amy down when she aggressively asserted that her pain was more than Amy’s. Even though Amy was the sibling whose frustrations weren’t being heard, Tammy accused Amy of being “so f insensitive.” Ultimately, Tammy’s anger prompted Amy to leave the house, highlighting just how low the reality star can go when she’s mad.

Tammy Defends Her Relationships
Where Tammy’s regularly fought with Amy regarding her unmotivated approach to losing weight, the entertainer has argued with Chris over her significant others more than once in 1000-lb Sisters. In season 2, Tammy embarked on a relationship with the infamous Jerry Sykes. Tammy and Jerry’s relationship is unpopular with viewers because news of Jerry’s wife and seven children quickly surfaced after he made his reality television debut. Surprisingly, this wasn’t Chris’ chief problem with the cheating husband. Chris had an issue with Jerry because he believed Tammy’s boyfriend encouraged the reality star to stray from her diet. Chris accused Jerry of being a “feeder,” or someone that enjoys watching their significant other gain weight. Tammy can’t afford to gain any more weight, but when Chris brought his concerns up with Tammy, the Slaton sister lashed out. Tammy yelled back at Chris instead of hearing him out.

Sadly, Chris and Tammy’s battle over the television personality’s boyfriends continued in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. Although she had (mostly) retired her relationship with Jerry, Tammy found a new boyfriend in season 3 that fans are equally critical of. Tammy’s latest partner, Phillip, is popular on TikTok, where he goes by The BBWKing. On the social medium, Phillip makes videos that convey his affinity for women that weigh 300 pounds or more. Tammy’s family was frustrated that she found another feeder to be in a relationship with after Jerry. When Chris confronted Tammy about her enabling boyfriend once again, Tammy yelled and cursed at her brother to ignore his facts. Tammy admitted that Phillip doesn’t want her to succeed in her health venture, but was aggressive on the defense during her sobering clash with Chris.

Tammy Doesn’t Want A Caretaker
Unfortunately, boyfriends aren’t the only thing Tammy and her siblings don’t see eye-to-eye on. In season 3, Tammy fought with Amy and Chris when they suggested getting a home health nurse for the struggling reality star. In the past, Tammy could rely on Amy and Chris to take care of her, but everything’s different in the latest chapter of the Slaton family’s story. Amy can no longer prioritize Tammy because she has a growing baby boy to raise. Additionally, although Tammy’s health is in the most precarious state, both Chris and Amy still need to focus on their weight loss ambitions. In an effort to relieve the pressure that comes with caring for Tammy, Chris and Amy decided they would look for a nurse. Instead of listening to Chris and Amy’s reasoning, Tammy swiftly devolved into a fiery argument with her siblings.

Tammy claimed that her siblings’ idea to get a nurse was just a result of their laziness. In a recent 1000-lb Sisters episode, Tammy accused her family of treating her “like an animal” rather than understanding the difficult positions Amy and Chris are in. When Amy calmly informed Tammy that they’d be interviewing potential caretakers, Tammy called Amy a “dumba**,” prompting the younger Slaton sister to get up from the family’s table. Tammy continued to curse at Amy while she retired from the argument, proving that Tammy’s greatest defense from reality is her aggression.

Tammy Doesn’t Qualify For Bariatric Surgery
One of the most salient scenes in which Tammy lost her cool was after she found out she failed to qualify for bariatric surgery. Throughout season 1, Amy and Tammy shared the same ambition of losing enough weight to get cleared for weight loss operation. Sadly, only Amy had met her goals by the end of season 1 and underwent her gastric bypass surgery. After the sisters discovered that they wouldn’t both lose weight, Amy confessed that she believed Tammy resented her. In the car ride home, Tammy was aggressive with Amy, from ordering her to open the door for her to yelling about her frustrating weight loss failure. This fight highlighted how Tammy uses anger to deflect from her mistakes in 1000-lb Sisters.

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  1. Tammy is selfish and very lazy. She resents everyone else for their lives that they have. She wants everyone to cater to her and her only. I’m happy for Amy and Chris.

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